We Can Stop Creditor Harassment & Debt Collection!

United Legal Group is the only program you need to have a fighting chance against creditors, debt collectors and law firms. Once you become a member of the United Legal you can:

Our Process is designed to keep you, our client, away from the courthouse steps; out of court with creditors. It is useless for them to waste additional resources, useless to proceed to win in court, useless to garnish wages.

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Once you become a member of the United Legal you will not be afraid to answer your telephone for fear of it being a creditor or debt collector looking for money.
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Collection demand letters need to be answered. They do not go away if you decide to ball them up and throw them out. An unanswered collection letter worsens and prolongs the process. Let us be your guide.

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Our goal is to get you to be financially free and independent. Your credit well being is our number one goal.
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